Developing NZSL indicators and targets to monitor and report on the Strategy

Currently there are very limited data and systems that allow the gathering and analysis of NZSL data by the Board and government agencies. This limits the Board’s ability to monitor and report to Government on progress on implementing the Strategy. As a result, the Board will work in partnership with key government agencies during 2018 and 2019 to develop indicators, targets and systems for the collating and analysing NZSL-related data and to begin reporting against NZSL targets and indicators by 2020.

The NZSL indicators and targets work programme will specify:

  • the indicators and targets for each language priority and their agreed definitions
  • where the information is sourced
  • how often the information will be collected
  • who is responsible for collecting it
  • where proxies are needed and how information gaps will be addressed. (Proxy indicators are used when the required data is not available, so a similar indicator is used instead.)

Having NZSL indicators and targets will also assist an evaluation of the Strategy in 2022.