NZSL Board Meeting Summary August 2023

Jaime Brown shared the key messages from the last NZSL Board meeting, held in August 2023.

  • The NZSL Board Chair and deputy Chair reported on meetings with government officials
    • Presentation for Public Service Chief Executives to begin the NZSL Strategy refresh process.
    • Meeting with new managers from the Ministry of Education.
  • Our work continues with introduction NAATI for NZSL Interpreters and identifying priorities for some wider NZSL interpreting issues.
    • Community meeting meetings are completed including two online meetings.
    • The Board met with representatives from the SLPI Advisory group, SLIANZ and AUT about using a NZSL proficiency assessment for Interpreters trained overseas. An update about this will be released soon
  • Te rōpū Kaitiaki has now been working for one year. Rahera Turner has been appointed as the facilitator for another year. The Board are looking forward to seeing planning for turi Māori activities over the next year.
  • The Board fund Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) assessments. The criteria for these assessments will be broadened to include people who do not work in Deaf education. Request for candidates will be made in the next month. If you are interested, keep an eye on the NZSL Board Facebook page and website.
  • Nominations for new Board members will be opened soon.
  • We want to connect with the Deaf community using NZSL. You can email the Board on or using  external.  
  • Previously the Board was supported by the NZSL team based in the Office for Disability Issues. A recent change in Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People means that there is no longer an Office for Disability Issues.
  • The Board want to acknowledge Brian Coffey who has worked alongside the NZSL Board since 2017. Brian’s work is well known in Government and his work with the disabled community was recognised in the New Year’s honours when he received a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit. Brian now has a new role as Chief Advisor to the Chief Executive of Whaikaha.
  • We will keep in touch on the NZSL Board nominations and outcomes linked to NAATI community meetings feedback.