Sign Dance Theatre Aotearoa by Equal Voice Arts

The creation of an original piece of Sign Dance Theatre by Equal Voice Arts at Waikato University was a recipient of Round 6 of the NZSL Board funding.

Where our Shadows Meet is an intergenerational story about love, loss and language, told with physical storytelling, live instrumental music, New Zealand Sign Language, and spoken English. This piece is performed by a Deaf and hearing cast and designed to be accessible for d/Deaf and hearing audiences.

This piece of Sign Dance Theatre, created with an international team of Deaf and hearing artists and producers, and further professional training in Sign Theatre for the Masterclass group, as further professional development opportunities.

A still from the production

Thank you Equal Voices. The performance was breathtaking and had so many of us in tears at the end. The actors were sooo talented. The story emotional. Fantastic direction. Pianist awesome. Thank you for everyone involved. I just wish there were additional performances so I could tell so many others to come. Can’t wait for the next production.

It was a beautiful play. Lots of tears.

We were a few of the lucky ones that came along to watch this amazing play last Saturday. Right up there with Salonica, it was one the best pieces of theatre I have ever seen. Thank you to ALL involved for your dedication to making a breathtaking performance. I too was in tears at the end and the common theme when chatting afterwards was that Equal Voices need to show this play again....the message is powerful! So I am so pleased to read there will be more performances. I will be shoulder tapping everyone I know to encourage them to go see Where Our Shadows Meet for themselves! With great admiration, thank you 

Wow amazing show I strongly advised this show should continue to do the roadtrip to show wider communities mixed-audition from First signs families right through older Deaf communities, so many different reaction will be expected- so emotional and touched i will never forget! I cried at the end which I'm not cry person. It's powerful story.   

Went to see the performance last night - it was so brilliant!

What an amazing night it was. Fantastic show.

A moment from the show