Board meeting summary - September 2020

A summary of the NZSL Board meeting held in Wellington in September 2020.

  • The NZSL Act. Initial discussions have finished with some members of the Deaf community regarding if there was the opportunity to review the Act what are the issues that would need to be addressed.  There is not a commitment from the Minister to carry out a review of the Act however the Minister has asked for advice from the NZSL Board about the benefits and opportunities of making changes to the NZSL Act.  
  • The Ministry of Social Development (MSD), Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education presented to the Board about their work.  Deaf Aotearoa, DPO, was invited as a guest to these sessions.ODI will begin to work with Government agencies on reporting against the NZSL Strategy indicators.
  • Congratulations to Deaf Aotearoa after another successful NZSL week
  • Catherine Greenwood was appointed as Deputy Chair for another two years
  • The Minister has accepted the NZSL Board annual report.